How to control the glue and glue nail on the paper bag machine

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How to control the glue and glue nail on the paper bag machine

Paper bag machine by virtue of fast production speed, high efficiency, large adjustment range and other advantages of increasingly thin people welcome. So, how to control the glue and nail on the paper bag machine?

The part of the paper bag machine with gum glue in the spine and side, the hot melt adhesive used also has the difference, for example, the performance also have differences, melt temperature, master appropriate or not is important in the quality of glue, glue order, melt temperature on the high side can make the plastic is too thin and viscosity, melt temperature on the high side will make the glue is too thick and impermeable, flow, some will show small granular block attached to the ridge surface or side surface cover buckling, empty ridge.

Paper bag machine before the finishing of plastic bag is the whole process of binding can not be ignored. If the paper bag machine does not enter into the plastic bag properly in the finishing process, then the plastic bag will produce many kinds of poor quality problems, such as off page, loose page, empty ridge, wrinkling and so on. Finishing is to tie up semi-finished book stickers, put a certain number of book stickers on a strapping machine, use board fast blocking at both ends, start the strapping machine, compact loose book stickers and then tie them up with a rope belt. In order to make the back of the compacted stiffly whole solid, after compacted, bundled with polyethylene glue on the back of the bundled book besmear brush again, after waiting for the polyvinyl alcohol glue of brush on dry will tie the rope loose, and then separate each of the arrangement, into the plastic bag.

Binding, milling back, hair is a key process. Milling back to according to the thickness of the paper, folding layer number, generally to mill to 1.4mm ~ 3mm, the depth of the hair requirements in 0.8mm ~ 1.5mm. If milling back and hair depth is not enough, will inevitably affect the penetration of glue, resulting in off page, loose page quality defects.

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